A few weeks ago we were given a schedule from our on-campus music conservatory, and told to re-design it. Believe me it needed it. There were very few constraints regarding the project aside from size restrictions. My calendar re-design is fairly straightforward. I designed a grid on which to place the particular elements based on the rule of thirds. I really just wanted to create a legible calendar. The whole idea is to make something that is easy to read for parents who glance at this as they pass the refrigerator  on their way out the door to baseball practice or pick up the kids from school.cadek_schedule_final

The second half of this project was to create a poster and superimpose the calendar on top. This design, I felt, needed a little more treatment. The size restrictions were increased, so I decided a poster of 15″ x 15″ was appropriate. A square poster seemed to feel like a  more inviting shape. I wanted something that would catch the eyes of children as well as adults. I chose a dark palette of gray and a shade of blue. I feel like there is a nice contrast with the white text. The design came from the “f-holes” of a cello. I created a vector of the shape and experimented with a combination of  brushes and skewed paths to create the abstracted form used as the background image. The combination of perpendicular lines and curved forms created nice lines to which the typography aligns. slight rotation of the calendar adds a nice dynamic to the composition. The rule of thirds is used in this composition as well.