typography is sweet. It is even cooler when it is printed onto a 16×24 poster.

This poster, staying with the music theme, I like in particular because of the diamond forms along the parallel grid of lines. They remind me of very abstract wave forms. I tied this to my Cadek calendar design having the vertical parallel lines bleed off the page.


I just felt that everyone should see this.


This poster is visually interesting, i think, because of the vibrant color and the perpendicular layers of ribbon like forms. the slight transparency gives a sense of depth that is very appealing.


This poster is gorgeous. This is really proof that complexity exists in simplicity. The lines draw your eye across the whole poster in a nice sweeping fashion. I think that it is interesting also the use of the rule of thirds. The right third is focused with the red circular form and the green  form has the least amount of weight on the bottom right third. This forms a nice visual contrast between the two elements.