Rhetoric is a base component of communication. without rhetoric, communication cant exist. Rhetoric is a supplement aiding the viewer in understanding what it is the viewer is looking at. Rhetoric cannot exist by its self. In order for uninterrupted communication, the object (Cadek schedule in our case) must be aesthetically pleasing. In order to create a schedule that is aesthetically rational, a few rules should be followed. Grids are always a good idea to help organize the space. One font family should be used. Color can also help bring attention to particular information.

Take for instance this schedule for the ridiculous “sport” we call ultimate fighting. Aside from the content, because the dates and supplemental information are lined up along a multi column grid, and centered, the schedule is easy to read.


This example from a 1965 TV Guide is also a nice example of using a singular sans serif typeface aligned with a grid. It uses negative space nicely.